How Much Does React Native App Development Cost In India?

Creating a high-quality app for both major mobile platforms (Android and iOS) can consume a lot of time and money, which makes cross-platform development an intelligent approach to expanding your reach as well as saving on time and money.

In this POST, we will outline the React Native App Development Cost In India and what determines it.

What is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript framework that was developed by Facebook specifically for creating mobile applications. The React Native framework uses the same component-based approach as React.

What is React Native

Comparing React Native vs React JS, the latter has a design similar to the former for creating reusable UI components. Therefore, using familiar React patterns and concepts makes it much easier to create good looking and responsive mobile apps.

This means that developers can reuse a lot from the web app they have already written by adding on top of this existing React framework.

Facebook engineers originally came up with this idea because they wanted to be able to quickly prototype new features and products such as upgrades; it has since grown into one of the most popular frameworks for developing mobile applications.

When considering the total react native app development cost in India internally, it can add up quickly depending on how many resources your team needs in order meet its deadline. However, being a cross-platform framework means that you can use one JavaScript codebase for both iOS and Android versions without having any issues at all.

Why To Choose React Native For Your App Development?

React Native For Your App Development

Some of the non-Facebook apps that were developed through this framework are Pinterest, Skype, Discord, Walmart, and Bloomberg. Indeed, there must be something that these organizations know but we don’t. So what could it be? However, this post does not address all the pros and cons of React Native in details, instead it discusses different grounds why people choose React Native for app development.


The apps have been praised for their impressive performance. Moreover, one of its key strengths is the ability to duplicate the native feel which allows for flawless operation. In several cases even native apps were outperformed by applications within this framework. Furthermore, they use graphics processing units (GPUs) to boost performance.


This is an open-source community-driven framework. Hence all information required by developers can be easily found as per requirement. This collaborative experience makes it easy to find help on a project when stuck.

There are also a multitude of conferences and events that go on around the clock apart from official channels available online at any given time during day or night hours thus meaning that there’s no lack of support here either!

For your company having such a big community means that you will find it easier to get developers and top ones too. Of course, you can either do that or go the easier way by reaching out to an outstaffing agency.


An improved team member flexibility is provided by the framework. It can be used by any developer again hence they can pick from where another person has left off. Also, a team member can use someone else’s code to build an app for a different platform apart from this. This code reusability and flexibility allows for smooth progression between professionals working on a project.

Moreover, you don’t need to start from scratch in case you want to move your program to another framework.

Exporting the app code into Android Studio does the trick for example. This also enables upgrading and adding features without having to rewrite your app or web solution completely, as well as saving time and money on adding new features or connecting with various services through API for quick data exchange purposes.

Simplified User Experience

An example of a streamlined user experience is having to release app updates after deployment. This is because it may take longer to publish updates if coding is different for each mobile platform. Besides, users of every platform would encounter distinct experiences.

In contrast, updating apps that are built on one codebase creates a more consistent user experience. In the end, without any barriers to engagement, this leads to increased value from your product as well as business growth through an expanded customer base.

How Much Does A React Native App Cost?

React Native App Development Cost

The Complexity And Features Of The App

The more features your app has, the more complex it becomes and this increases the Cost to Build React Native App – in other words, low complexity does vice versa. This may just be the biggest determinant in app development so it is not something that should be taken lightly!

While building your app, there are basic functionalities which are either cheap or same in several frameworks, API integration, geolocation plus some other extra features that can affect app development budget. You might compare how much it can differ by looking at our table below.

FeaturesAverage Cost
API IntegrationsAbout $5,000 per integration
GeolocationAbout $20,000
IoT integrationAbout $30,000 per integration
E-commerceAbout $10,000
LoginAbout $2,000
MessagingAbout $7,000
Admin panelAbout $4,000
StreamingAbout $5,000

Designing Apps

Design costs must be acknowledged to calculate the react native app development price in India. Prototyping as well as design, on one hand, increase costs and give developers clear directions on the other hand. This is why saving money in these stages can leave extra costs for development.

Developer Skills And Experience

It is evident that developer fees are never fixed when calculating a budget. They always depend on the level of skills and experience possessed by a developer as evidenced by React Native interview questions. If your project is so complex that it depends on the input of multiple senior developers and engineers like fintech apps, ecommerce apps or apps having many APIs integrations then you should expect very high costs.

However, most projects would only require a senior engineer while others on the team could be mid-level developers. Junior developers can also be helpful in a team for routine tasks assistance. Fortunately, you need only one team to build this app for various platforms with this framework.

Technolabs can help you decide if your product needs junior, middle or senior developers. Other native development technologies require separate teams which increases the cost.

Location Of Development

Anybody with some understanding of the tech ecosystem would have known that rates for React Native developers differ by location. An hour rate for a Ukrainian developer is cheaper than an American Developer. Similarly, hiring a react-native developer from India is cheaper than hiring one from Germany. Are these countries’ developers less skilled? Not at all.

Actually, Ukraine, for example, has one of Europe’s most prosperous technology ecosystems. Instead what you find is that in places where cost of living is low, developers charge less too. Consequently, you can reduce expenses by hiring developers from such low-cost countries.


Maintenance is not just the end of development after shipping and distribution. Most apps still require ongoing support. In order to really know how much does React Native cost, you may want to include this in your project budget as part of the continued maintenance. Because app maintenance costs include future design changes, regular app updates, bug fixes etc.

Choosing the right team can influence the maintenance process; for instance at Shiv Technolabs we provide ongoing support for projects we execute. This ensures that apps are constantly being updated for quality and security purposes. All this leads to making it more responsive to user needs and requirements even after core development process has been concluded.

Aspects Reducing The App Development Cost


I have said before how salaries for React Native Developers may vary depending on the location where they work. If a company opts for outsourcing or outstaffing to offshore areas, it can greatly cut down on costs associated with creating a React Native app. Ukraine, India and Mexico are among the most popular low-budget countries for React Native development or any other framework.

Moreover, this country’s programmers are highly qualified; however, it is only cheap to develop here because the cost of living is not so high. The same applies not only to countries but also regions within them as well. For instance, hiring from Asia or Western Europe would be cheaper than recruiting in North America.

CountriesAverage Annual Salary
United States$88,252

Cross-Platform Development

Developers can create an app on multiple operating systems with one code base, which is part of the appeal. This technology is supposed to help businesses spend less when creating applications. It reduces labor costs by about half, enabling developers to work on both Android and iOS at the same time.

PlatformsAnnual Average Salary
React Native$88,252

Reusable Code

Developers are able to develop the core application code once, and it can be reused, web or mobile or even IoT apps. After all, it is built on the React framework, meaning that if a company already has a web app built in React, it only takes a few lines of code to transform the same into a fully functional mobile-centric app. The framework does not only allow you to build apps for Google Play and iOS app store from a single codebase.

Aspects Increasing The App Development Cost

Authentication And Security Features

Security is considered important especially during this age of internet dependancy. For instance if you are developing an app that will collect user’s sensitive information then you will definitely have to pay more in order to ensure that top notch security measures have been implemented. The higher the level of user authorization required, the higher the cost. These include APIs from platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple ID among others.

In-app purchases 

Most companies earn money from apps through in-app purchases. But you will also have to spend more to create an app. Integrating payment systems into your app is a bit complicated, which makes React Native pricing higher. Some examples of famous APIs for handling in-app purchases are PayPal, Square, Stripe, Skrill, Venmo and so on.


Whenever you include some third-party integration in your app it always means that you would run into extra costs. The complexity rises when the range of integrations or add-ons requires legacy systems. For example Google Maps navigation tracking is an app integration; Facebook API for user sign-up; Skyscanner API for flight information etc.

Is React Native Cost-Effective?

This framework is undeniably powerful, and this framework helps in quick development of great mobile apps with high performance and lower cost than any other option. However, it’s necessary to consider it seriously before deciding whether or not this is what you want for your project. 

There are a few reasons why the framework can be considered by developers when they need to develop their mobile apps. One of them has already been explained – cost effectiveness. Does this mean that React Native is cheap? It is also true if we compare Flutter vs React Native or other platforms.

Shiv Technolabs is a company that can help you save costs and build your app. We have been able to build several applications and also assist other firms with our developers. If you choose to work with Shiv Technolabs for your React Native App development needs, you will get top-notch code and speedy results. We have previously collaborated with Roth River, SDCN, Dryft, Frontegg and many others thanks to our developer’s license. 

Are you in need of an expert team that specializes in creating apps using React Native? For all these reasons, most people give priority to Shiv Technolabs as compared to other organizations that do the same thing. In order to ensure that we deliver high-quality products to our customers who desire something different from what they currently have, we strive hard towards achieving this goal.

Whether it’s frontend or backend development, we provide end-to-end solutions like mobile apps development websites etc. Our team of experts can create fully customized native mobile applications using state-of-the-art tools and technologies like React Native App Development.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs):

What factors contribute to the cost of developing a React Native app in India?

Some factors that affect the cost of developing a React Native app in India include how complex it is, what features it has, whether or not it needs a custom design and how much an hour of a developer’s time costs. Additionally, other things to keep in mind are third-party integrations like payment gateways and social media logins as well as any backend development necessary for your app’s functionality and future maintenance.

How do hourly rates affect the overall cost of React Native app development in India?

Hourly rates can be one of the biggest factors in determining how much you’ll need to spend on getting your app developed with React Native by Indian developers. Rates are different based upon experience level; while experienced ones charge higher rates but work faster so that instead of taking several months which leads to high expenses such as accommodation allowances or transportations fees between cities etc., they only demand two weeks for example.

Is there something like hidden charges in React Native app development practices in India?

Hidden costs in React Native app development India are those that can arise from post-launch maintenance, updates and unforeseen changes in project requirements. It is important to consider ongoing expenditure, potential scalability requirements and any other features that may be incorporated at a later stage. Open communication with the developers can help identify these costs and control them effectively.

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