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Detailed client reviews of the leading Dubai mobile application development companies. Hire the best iPhone/iOS or Android developer in Dubai. We’ve compiled a list of the top Dubai mobile app development agencies that can help you turn your app idea into reality.

On-demand App Development Companies India

The development of mobile applications encompasses the series of processes and methodologies employed in creating software designed for compact, wireless computing devices like smartphones and handheld gadgets. Mobile app development in Dubai has witnessed rapid growth in recent years. Dubai, UAE has become a major hub for mobile application development due to its skilled developers, cost-effective solutions, and a large pool of IT professionals. Here are some factors of mobile app development in Dubai.

iOS Mobile App Development


award-winning iOS app development companies in Dubai, offers custom iOS & iPhone app development services for entrepreneurs & small businesses.

Android Mobile App Development


Top-rated custom Android application development companies in Dubai have highly skilled Android app developers to help your business grow.

Flutter Mobile App Development


Flutter transforms the entire app development process. Build, test, and deploy beautiful mobile, web, desktop, and embedded apps from a single codebase.

React Native Mobile App Development

React Native

React Native combines the best parts of native development with React, a best-in-class JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

AR-VR Mobile App Development


Renowned AR/VR app development companies in Dubai that merge their deep technical know-how with creativity to deliver highly immersive applications.

Shiv Technolabs Pvt. Ltd.

Shiv Technolabs Pvt. Ltd.

Most Trusted Mobile App Development Company in Dubai

Shiv Technolabs is a leading mobile app development company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We deliver cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet diverse business needs. We specialize in crafting robust and scalable mobile applications that elevate your digital presence.

At Shiv Technolabs, we pride ourselves on delivering customized solutions that align with your business objectives, driving growth and success in the ever-evolving digital landscape in Dubai.

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Emirates Graphic

Emirates Graphic

Mobile Applications (Android & iOS) Development Services Provider in Dubai

Emirates Graphic develop native apps for both Android as well as iOS devices. Our apps are extensively researched and tested to ensure they function perfectly and respond to all the criteria that our clients set. Clients choose us for our expertise and our ability to help refine features and streamline the purpose of their apps.

We are committed to creating apps that generate buzz, get featured in the app store, and win awards. We accomplish this by focusing on the users’ needs and making apps that are easy to understand, aesthetically pleasing, and solve a problem.

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Find App Development Agency

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Trusted Mobile App Development Company in Dubai

WebCastle is the top trustworthy app development company in Dubai, UAE provides custom-built mobile app development; Dubai, to help businesses maintain their success visibly in a short period. The experienced and dedicated team here is committed to innovation, responsiveness, reliability, and supportiveness and the skill to adapt to technology made us the strategic technology partner for global communities. Being a leading mobile app development company, we strive to provide the best mobile app solutions.

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Redspider ensures to provide with the best app development services dubai for you

Making apps for phones has become really popular. This means creating programs that work on smartphones. Apps are made for different phone types, like iPhones and Androids. They use the special features of phones to give users a better experience compared to using the internet on their phones.

We design appealing customer capabilities to change our brands forward. We keep it humble, actual and present. Our high quality design from all over the world.

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ToXSL Technologies

Expert Mobile App Development Company in Dubai , UAE

ToXSL Technologies is a renowned Mobile App Development Company in Dubai, UAE, known for its high-quality solutions. Innovate next-gen iOS & Android app solutions, and embrace the future of mobile app development with our end-to-end app development services.

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Dubai's leading technology company with unrivalled expertise in developing world-class mobile apps

As a mobile app development company based in Dubai, Mobiiworld offers a wide range of services to help businesses enhance their mobile presence. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high-quality mobile apps that are both user-friendly and visually appealing.

At Mobiiworld, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible customer experience, which is why we take a customer-centric approach to everything we do. We are passionate about helping businesses achieve their goals through mobile app development, and we strive to be a reliable and innovative partner for all of our clients.

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Digital Gravity

Mobile Applications That Ignite Inspiration in Dubai, UAE

The finest mobile app development agency, Digital Gravity, takes pride in building and delivering high-standard mobile applications. Quality is the most integral part of our apps and with our determination and skillset, we ensure to make it our unique selling point.

Your collaboration with Digital is guaranteed to provide you with a transparent and efficient app development process because we focus on seamless final output, allowing us to foster a strong partnership.

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Result-driven mobile app development company in Dubai

Are you looking for mobile app development in Dubai? Call us right away! Our qualified and experienced mobile app developers would be the right choice for you. You can ping us even if you want clarifications or guidance regarding android or iOS apps. We offer complete mobile application development in Dubai, as well as, customized packages based on the requirements of the client.

We offer custom-designed mobile applications, gaming apps, e-commerce platforms, and whatnot. Having handpicked professionals with expertise in advanced mobile app frameworks, we can design and develop the mobile app the way you want.

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Silicon Graphics

A trusted Application Development company in Dubai and beyond

Silicon Graphics is a leading mobile app development company in Dubai, known for developing responsive websites for businesses that improve the business’ credibility and are customer-centred and drive client engagement.

Silicon Graphics caters to the needs of all industries to digitize the traditional business structures in the UAE. Being one of the best mobile app development service providers in the UAE, we have digitized 2200+ small and large enterprises.

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Prime Mobile App Development Company in Dubai

Are you looking for reliable mobile app development in Dubai to gain a competitive edge in today’s digital era by providing individualized user experience to your clients? Well, you don’t have to look any further; Emeriosoft is here to offer you their most cutting-edge solutions. We live in a mobile-friendly world, and it has made our lives more convenient than before. It is exceptionally easy to get any information or product with just a few taps.

20 years of experience, Emeriosoft will help you overcome these insignificant barriers with the help of the best app developers UAE has ever seen.

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Top Mobile App Development Agencies in Dubai, UAE

Discover cutting-edge mobile app development with these top-rated Dubai-based companies, providing top-notch app development services in Dubai. Explore a range of specialized services:

Custom Native Mobile App Development Dubai:
Build innovative apps tailored to industry and business needs, enhancing process efficiency and facilitating faster decision-making.

Enterprise Mobile App Development Dubai:
Create bespoke business apps that improve B2B interactions, track key metrics and KPIs, manage operations, and generate valuable insights.

AI-Based Mobile App Development Dubai:
Transform futuristic ideas into reality with innovative apps that enhance human-computer interaction and deliver a personalized user experience.

Wearable App Development Dubai:
Develop sophisticated apps using the latest technology for an unmatched experience across all platforms.

Cloud-Based Mobile App Development Dubai:
Optimize speed and performance by migrating your app to powerful cloud services. Leverage APIs, integrate new features, and enhance usability.

IoT Mobile App Development Dubai:
Enable the centralized management of multiple devices and data. Integrate AI-ML capabilities for predictive insights and a personalized user experience.

On-Demand App Development Dubai:
Access fully customized on-demand app development services in Dubai tailored to your business needs. these Dubai-based teams of app experts have experienced research analysts, designers, and developers who collaborate to address user problems effectively.

Partner with a top-rated mobile app development agency in Dubai to bring your ideas to life and stay at the forefront of technological innovation.


The cost to develop a mobile app in Dubai typically ranges from $10,000 to $100,000 (approximately ₹7,50,000 to ₹75,00,000), depending on the complexity and features of the app.

The hourly rate of a mobile app developer varies, but on average, it ranges from $20 to $100 per hour, depending on the developer’s experience, location, and expertise.

The profitability of making an app depends on various factors, including the app’s purpose, target audience, monetization strategy, and market competition. Successful apps can generate significant revenue through app purchases, in-app purchases, advertisements, or subscription models. However, not all apps achieve profitability, and the app market is highly competitive. A well-researched idea, effective marketing, and a clear monetization strategy are crucial for increasing the chances of profitability.

Make sure that the mobile app development company you select has experience building cross-platform applications.

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